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Digital Video

Welcome to DVworkshop's video pages. This section of the website is designed to be a free information center for all involved with digital video. Hopefully it is here that you will find helpful independent advice in all areas of digital video, from the camcorder, through the PC, VCR, or DVD Recorder, past the edit stage, and output to your prefered format, be it tape or disc.

Todays multimedia PCs are more than capable of performing digital editing and DVD production for both video and audio projects. Combining ease of use with the now relatively low setup costs, it is easy to understand why this is an activity experiencing huge growth.

You will find advice here not found elsewhere, particularly on the Buying a Camcorder page. plus a continually growing camcorder hints & tips section. Although some of the tips could be said to be 'common sense', many of them are 'less than obvious', and some are 'more than useful'. Please keep them comming in. Your help is very much appreciated by all.

As well as digital video editing , there is also information to be found here that will help with the job of transfering video from VHS tape onto DVD or VCD disc. As the popularity of the DVD format grows, so does the uptake of DVD video recorders, DVD camcorders , and also now we are seeing the emergence of DVD Audio, while DVD-RAM has been around for some time, mainly used for data back-up.

It is about to experience a major turnaround in popularity, due to the enormous capacity of these discs. As a video recording medium, it is currently possible to record up to 12 hours of video on one double sided disc !! DVD RAM discs and recorders are now replacing the domestic VCR and VHS video tape as the prefered medium for time shift recording of TV programs. Add to this the many other benefits of this media and it is impossible to imagine any of the other current formats surviving against it.